Registration status

However we are not at the end of planned EBT registration end date, we have already full list of registered players in U13 category, so we accepting registration of players for U13 category, but these players are placed into waiting list and in case that some of already registered players will withdraw from EBT, will be immediately replaced by player on waiting list in registration date order.

In U15 category we have the last 1 free spots and then we will start with the same approach like with U13 category, which is opening waiting list. Because there is really limited interest about U18 category, we will move all registered U18 players into U15 category if they will wish and then close registration for U18 category. But we will still wait till end of January if situation will not be changed.

Slowly but it starting registration to U11 category. We want to promote this category now and our goal is to build at least 2 or 3 teams in this category and have this category in EBT 2020.