U11 Team names

As we are introducing new age categories in 2020 edition of Euro Baseball Tour, we needed to work on team name, logos and uniforms. We worked hard and now we have team names for both new categories, as well as initial versions of team logos (can be slightly changed). Today we will introduce you U11 team names with their logos.

The first introduced team is Cobras. We wanted to have at least one team with animal name, from different animals names which we had have, we finally selected Cobras, because it’s an animal and predator and we are sure, that Cobras players will be also predators in August 2020 in Trebic.

The second team name in alphabetic order are Kings. Czech Republic is from historic point of view linked with Kings, during the reign of Charles the fourth, Czech kingdom was one of the biggest and the most developed in Europe at that time. So we hope that Kings will follow their names in summer league as well !

The next introduced team are Sailors. However we do not have sea in Czech Republic, sailing in Czech Republic was and still is very popular sports, not only in neighboring seas, but also in bigest Czech lakes. We are also looking forward for uniform designs for this team. We must wish Sailor to float smoothly through the tournament.

And the last team name in U11 represent animals again. Please welcome on U11 category board Sharks ! Another predators, so we must to wish to Sharks, the same what we wished to Cobras ! And like with Sailors, also looking forward for any nice uniform design for Sharks. We must start with ideas in San Jose !

I hope, you love new team names with their logos ! I hope, that this introduction will start registration boom at least in U11 category !