U18 team names

However we are still waiting for the first registered player in U18, we would like present you the only missing EBT age category without known team names.

We will again start in alphabetical order. The first U18 category team name are Hawks. We can’t animal name in each category, especially vulture must to be there. We are sure, that Hawks will be vultures of this category next summer in Trebic. Welcome Hawks among other EBT teams !

Like in U15 category, we have there team name which contains two words, welcome in Euro Baseball Tour family Iron Wings. Beatiful Iron Wings logo, we can expect light blue and white on their uniforms. Good flight through EBT tournament Iron Wings !

Another team names linked with horses are Mustangs. Young wild horses on the field, that’s exactly what we expect from Mustangs ! Welcome Mustangs among others in Euro Baseball Tour.

The last missing team in Euro Baseball Tour family are Volcanoes. Are you seeing the energy from this excellent logo ? The same energy we are expecting from this team next summer in Trebic. We are also thinking how to design uniforms to be closely linked with this logo.