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U13 Bandits

The next team, which we would like to introduce you and which has finalized logo is Bandits. Bandits will be play also in U13 category like last week introduced Knights.

The main Bandits colors are Red, Black and Grey, so let’s wait for jersey and cap design.

We are still have couple of places free for youth baseball players. If you want to spend week with baseball in a beautiful baseball facility in Trebic and meet new friends with the same love, baseball.

Registration form you can find at

U13 Knights

Let us introduce the first team in a group of eight teams which will be introduced in the first edition of Euro Baseball Tour in August 2019 in Trebic.

Knights are the first team who has finalized logo as well as we are really close to finalize also uniform and cap of this team. Please see Knights logo with it’s main Vegas Gold, Black and White colors. Also uniform and cap will hold these colors. Uniform will contain only Knights label, however cap will have only knight symbol in front.

If you like this approach and you would like be a part of this project, register yourself here.

We will continue with teams introduction and their colors and logos next weeks.

Registration was released

Just now player’s registration was released here. If you are interested in our project and you or your children wants to improve your baseball skills play more hard games during relatively short baseball season, please complete our registration form. Registration will be opened no longer than till end of January 2019. Thank you very much for your interest and trust in our project.