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Partnership with New Era

We are really excited to inform you, that we started cooperation with the world cap leader New Era company ! New Era company is represented in Czech market by company and we are really happy for their support for 2020 edition. Because of limited time, players will not wear New Era caps this year, but for upcoming years we are planning together with New Era to have for all registered players their own EBT New Era cap !

Thank you very much to for their support again and looking forward for upcoming and extended cooperation !

Registration status

However we are not at the end of planned EBT registration end date, we have already full list of registered players in U13 category, so we accepting registration of players for U13 category, but these players are placed into waiting list and in case that some of already registered players will withdraw from EBT, will be immediately replaced by player on waiting list in registration date order.

In U15 category we have the last 1 free spots and then we will start with the same approach like with U13 category, which is opening waiting list. Because there is really limited interest about U18 category, we will move all registered U18 players into U15 category if they will wish and then close registration for U18 category. But we will still wait till end of January if situation will not be changed.

Slowly but it starting registration to U11 category. We want to promote this category now and our goal is to build at least 2 or 3 teams in this category and have this category in EBT 2020.

New Years Information

The second edition of summer league Euro Baseball Tour in Trebic is scheduled to August 9th till August 14th 2020, there is real interest about this tournament and with begin of year 2020 we have already more registered players then we had final number of players at Euro Baseball Tour 2019.

We have only 7 free player’s spots in U15 category and 2 free spots in U13 category.

Tournament has been extended for two additional categories U11 and 18 according original plan.

Actually we have confirmed well known coaches which will manage April’s draft according sent video of players, they will lead their teams as well as will manage practices for registered players to EBT.

  • U11 Cobras –  Richard Kania
  • U11 Kings – Matouš Procházka
  • U13    Bandits –    Dan Krejčiřík
  • U13    Knights –    Tomáš Zachoval
  • U13    Senators – Vojtěch Vlach
  • U13    Thunderbirds –    Štěpán Chytka
  • U15    Comets – Jakub Sládek + Luboš Prandžev
  • U15    Mavericks – Jake Rabinowitz
  • U15    Tornadoes – Michal Matějovský

Information about next confirmed coaches and players we are regularly updating at EBT website. We already presented all team logos, including for extended U11 and U18 categories. All logos are really beautiful and we have prepared uniforms and hats design for all sixteen teams which will remain to registered players at the end of tournament.

Uniform and hat designs will be published soon!

Have you been interested by team logos as well as whole project Euro Baseball Tour interested you? Still two months players registration will be opened and all information you can find at

Follow webpage Euro Baseball Tour –, as well as Facebook page EBT – and Instagram page @eurobaseballtour.

Christmas Contest

Like in last year we are announcing competition for all registered players to Euro Baseball Tour 2020. All registered players till December 20th 2019 will be draw for one free starting fee to Euro Baseball Tour 2020. If you are not still registered, please register and get chance to have starting fee for free !

Stejně jako v minulém roce přicházíme se soutěží pro všechny registrované hráče na Euro Baseball Tour 2020. Ze všech zaregistrovaných hráčů do 20. prosince 2019 bude vylosován jeden, který dostane startovné na Euro Baseball Tour 2020 zdarma. Takže jestli ještě nejste zaregistrovaní, učiňte tak abyste mohli soutěžit o startovné zdarma !

Wanting U11 and U18 teamnames

For 2nd edition of Euro Baseball Tour we decided to extent competition also for U11 and U18 categories. Which brings additional eight teams into Trebic next summer. New eight teams means a new eight team names. We have some idea, but we will be happy if you help us decide which team names are the best or propose any other team names. Please be aware, that we will not select team name which is already used by any active MLB team or Czech baseball team. All team names will be only in English and of course decent expressions only !

Visit our Facebook or Instagram and propose team names into comment please ! Thank you very much for your contribution during 2nd edition preparation.