Registered players

Here you will find up to date list of registered players, usually no later then 48 hours after registration will be this page manually updated.

We will publish there only limited information about registered players, additional information will be shared only among organization and team managers.

U13 Category

# Firstname Surename Club Country
1 Pavel Jozek Třebíč Nuclears
2 Jakub Čevela Třebíč Nuclears
3 Adam Cyprian SaBaT Praha

U15 Category

# Firstname Surename Club Country
1 Adam Skála Třebíč Nuclears
2 Tadeáš Kalčev Joudrs Praha
3 Vincent Major Draci Brno
4 Jan Cacák Kotlářka Praha
5 Benjamin Morgan Kotlářka Praha
6 Ladislav Dohnal Třebíč Nuclears