For 2020 fifteen teams in three age categories will play at Euro Baseball Tour in Třebíč, Czech Republic. Please select category for which you are interested to get more information about teams.

U11 U13 U15
U11 Cobras U13 Bandits U15 Comets
U11 Kings U13 Knights U15 Sailors
U11 Sharks U13 Senators U15 Mavericks
U13 Thunderbirds U15 Tornadoes
U13 Hawks U15 Mustangs
U13 Volcanoes U15 Iron Wings

Below you can find calendar with event important dates for 2020:

  • October 1st 2019 – players registration start
  • March 1st 2020 – players registration end
  • March 1st 2020 – team’s managers finalization and publish
  • April 1st 2020 – team’s coaches finalization and publihs
  • April 1st 2020 – player’s draft
  • April 10th 2020 – team’s roster completing and publish
  • May 1st 2020 – players starting fee dead line
  • May 10th 2020 – player’s on waiting list final decision
  • May 20th 2020 – player’s moved from waiting list to roster starting fee payment deadline
  • August 9th 2020 – tournament start