Accomodation & Meals

This page is dedicated to accomodation of all players as well as parents and all Euro Baseball Tour fans possibility. Please use this page as a source of information for you, when you will decide to visit Třebíč during Euro Baseball Tour.

Preferred accomodations

Accomodation Address Capacity Price
Hotel Alfa Znojemska 1235, Trebic 37 beds 490 CZK/sng, 780 CZK/dou, 950 CZK/tri, 2400 CZK/7 beds
Penzion Benz Znojemska 38, Trebic 55 beds 470 CZK / sng, 790 CZK/dou, 1180 CZK/tri
Hotel Atom Velkomeziricska 45, Trebic 160 beds 900 CZK/sng, 1410 CZK/dou, 1630 CZK/tri

Additional accomodations

Accomodation Address
Grand Hotel Karlovo nam. 5, Trebic
Hotel Zlaty Kriz Karlovo nam. 19/13, Trebic
EA Hotel Joseph 1699 Skalni 85/8, Trebic
Hotel Solaster V. Nezvala 8, Trebic
Hotel U cerneho orla Karlovo nam. 11, Trebic
Apartmany Holiday Karlovo nam. 33/44, Trebic
Apartman Karina Karlovo nam. 23/17, Trebic
Apartman U zidovske brany L. Pokorneho 10, Trebic
Penzion U synagogy Subakova 3, Trebic
Penzion Pod kostelickem Dobrovskeho 21, Trebic
Penzion Vis-a-vis Smila Osovskeho 13, Trebic
Penzion Eliska Eliscino nam. 26, Trebic
Forum Masarykovo nam. 20, Trebic
Penzion Padrtuv mlyn Sokoli 23, Trebic
Penzion Pohoda Naramec 51, Naramec


Restaurant Address
Sportbar Na hvezde Na Hvezde 1388, Trebic
Kozlovna Alfa Znojemska 1235, Trebic
Hotel Atom Velkomeziricska 45, Trebic