EBT Travel Team travels to Aruba

EBT Travel Team got an offer to participate on baseball tournament Baseball In Paradise, which will be organized in Aruba island in Caribbean area. Tournament is organized in U12, U14, U16 and U18 age categories and starts in October 5th and end in October 9th. Tournament organizer is Dutch Future Stars Baseball Academy, which is independent baseball academy with settlement in Rotterdam.

Because we will need day to get into island, we decided, also after discussion with Future Stars Baseball Academy, that we will extend our stay in Aruba island and we will fly to Aruba already in October 1st. Three days before start of the tournament we will spend with island exploration and to play some exhibition games, against Future Stars Baseball Academe or against local baseball teams.

Tournament organizer now finalize tournament preparation and trying to get additional teams into tournament Baseball In Paradise. Organizer have confirmed 3 teams in U12 category, 4 teams in U14 category, 5 teams in U16 category and 4 teams in U18 category, however tournament capacity is 8 teams for each age category.

Future Stars Baseball Academy travels to Aruba with seven teams (1 team U12, 1 team U14, 3 teams U16 and 2 teams U18) each team consist 16 players!

Interest about tournament participation respectively participation on camp is also among EBT Travel Team supporters. Within March 22nd we have already confirmed 8 players in U14 category, 10 players in U16 category and 3 players in U18 category. We are strongly confident, that we will have required capacity of 12 players in U14, U16 and U18 categories till end of April, to finally confirm our participation to tournament organizer.

All information about this even you can find at https://tinyurl.com/ebtaruba2021en, where you also find list of confirmed players.