Third edition of the EBT is over

The third year of the Euro Baseball Tour summer youth league ended on Friday afternoon. Although it was again a challenging week in Třebíč from an organizational point of view, thanks to the great involvement of local club members, and thanks to all players, couches, parents, referees and scorers, we must say that we had a beautiful week with baseball. It was great to watch the youngest players hitting their first home runs of their careers, thirteen already played very advanced baseball on a small field and fifteen, there was already baseball of a top level.

Sharks won in the U11 category last year, they did not have such an experienced team this year and unfortunately they did not manage to win even once in a whole week, despite most of their games was so closed. Three teams Kings, Panthers and Cobras were very balanced and fought fiercely in the round robin group. Unfortunately, Kings did not make it in the semifinals and finished third. The final match was very even and the victory was decided by the walk off homerun Cobras. Part of the tournament was also the Homerun Derby, where a lot of homeruns fell, as well as skill team competitions that completely dominated the Panthers.

The Volcanoes found themselves in a similar situation in the U13 category, although they had a very skilful team, they also failed to find a recipe for their opponents throughout the week, finishing sixth in the competition. Unfortunately, the Hawks did not make it to the quarterfinals against the Senators, finishing fifth. The Senators, who climbed the Hawks in the quarterfinals on Thursday afternoon and Friday, did not have enough strength to withstand the pressure of the Knights and Thunderbirds, respectively, and end the quarter. The third is the end of the very strong Thunderbirds team, with which they put on the final stop of the Bandits. The bandits performed very good batting performances throughout the week, which brought them to the final match, where they were able to resist the winners of this year Knights, but in the end they had to bow to the Knights baseball art.

There was no team in the U15 category without win in aa event. The round robin was dominated by two-time winners Comets ahead of Iron Wings and Mavericks. The fourth to sixth place was decided by the wheel. After the quarterfinal matches, it was clear that the Mavericks, who did not win the quarterfinals with the Mustangs and Tornadoes, who were not good enough for the Sailors in the quarterfinals, would share the fifth place. In the match for fifth place, the Mavericks players had more power and the Tornadoes end up sixth. Exhausted by the quarterfinal battle with the Mavericks, the Mustangs were no longer enough in the semifinals of the Iron Wings and in the match for third place at the Sailors, and the fourth is over. The Sailors played a great semi-final battle with the Comets and were not far from advancing to the final and confirmed their qualities in the match for third place and ends third. Throughout the tournament, the great Iron Wings players managed to beat everyone except the Comets, both in the basic part and in the final, they did not succeed and therefore ends second. For the third time, the Comets team becomes the EBT winner in the U15 category, and the coaching duo Sládek Prandžev is already becoming the legends of the Euro Baseball Tour.

Final standings in each category:

1. Cobras
2. Panthers
3. Kings
4. Sharks

1. Knights
2. Bandits
3. Thunderbirds
4. Senators
5. Hawks
6. Volcanoes

1. Comets
2. Iron Wings
3. Sailors
4. Mustangs
5. Mavericks
6. Tornadoes

Individual awards

Youngest player: Marcelo Montenegro (Kings)
Homerun Derby: Matěj Kokorský (Kings)
Running Fighter: Panthers
Interplay of Inner Field: Panthers
Best Hitter: Jiří Ondřej Píša (Cobras)
Best Pitcher: Matěj Fajmon (Panthers)
Best Fielder: Matěj Kokorský (Kings)
MVP of the event: David Sobotka (Cobras)

Homerun Derby: David Scudder (Hawks)
Best Hitter: Tomáš Příhoda (Bandits)
Best Pitcher: Lukáš Chromý (Knights)
Best Fielder: Jakub Rusz (Thunderbirds)
MVP of the event: Tomáš Venhoda (Knights)

Homerun Derby: Jan Urbanek (Mustangs)
Best Hitter: Dominik Marani (Iron Wings)
Best Pitcher: Pavel Jozek (Mustangs)
Best Fielder: Patrik Fiala (Comets)
MVP of the event: Jan Kozel (Comets)

The results of all played games are available here.

U11 statistics are available here, U13 here and U15 here.

Many thanks to the Czech Baseball Association and the companies Znovín Znojmo, Bago Sport and Baseball Outlet for their support of the Euro Baseball Tour. Special thanks go to all of Třebíč Nuclears, who participated in the organization of the event, to all referees, scorers, coaches, players and parents for a great atmosphere on the fields. We firmly believe that this event started the players perfectly for the autumn part of the baseball season and we believe that they will enjoy the rest of the season as well as a week at the EBT in Třebíč.

See you in August 2022!