we are very proud to inform you about Euro Baseball Tour sponsors. We must say big thank you to all sponsors, who helping us prepare and organize Euro Baseball Tour in a top quality as unforgetable experience for all players, coaches and parents.


Worldwide baseball cap leading brand becomes Euro Baseball Tour partner through an official Czech distributor of New Era  snapbacks.cz eshop and shop located at Senovazna 6, Praha 1.
NEW ERA will help Euro Baseball Tour with tournament individual awards. Thank you !

Webpage: www.snapbacks.cz


Slovak wooden baseball bats producer company. YAYA bats are really popular and widely used baseball bats not only in Slovakia and Czech Republic, but also in other European countries.
YAYA will help Euro Baseball Tour with tournament individual awards. Thank you !

Webpage: www.yayabaseball.com


Czech Baseball Asociation is the umbrella for entire Czech Baseball, which has one of main goal Baseball Development in Czech Republic. We are very proud, that we are also supported by this organization.
Czech Baseball Asociation help Euro Baseball Tour with balls to games and with financial contribution for tournament. Thank you !

Webpage: www.baseball.cz


At present, sport is not only about quality equipment, top coaches, but also about psychology, sleep and diet. Nutritiq develops top dietary products that are able to help young athletes perform better and maintain good health.

Nutritiq helps the Euro Baseball Tour secure gifts for players. Thank you!

Webpage: www.nutritiq.cz


The company Znovn Znojmo a.s. belongs to the mainstays of Moravian viticulture. Due to its size and production, it belongs to medium-sized companies in the Czech Republic. To give you an idea, we present that Znovn sells 17,000 bottles a day.

The company Znovn helps the Euro Baseball Tour with securing gifts for the organization of the event. Thank you!

Webpage: www.znovin.cz

If you like our project and you would like support us, please contact us via email info@eurobaseballtour.eu and we will contact you immediately with possibilities. Thank you !